During bad weather, residential locations are prone to power outage. Such events usually come at the most inconvenient times, such as during periods of high activity around the home. Without light, productivity is negatively affected, forcing individuals to wait on the side for power to return. In order to prepare adequately for bad weather, which includes floods, torrential rain, storms, blizzards and icy conditions, one should consider picking up rechargeable LEDs products.

LED Flashlights and Lanterns

Rechargeable LED flashlights are a staple in emergency kits for homes. The handheld units are extremely durable and reliable. Individuals may also opt for an LED headlamp for a hands-free approach to emergency lighting. By strapping a compact LED light on, both hands become available for tasks around the space.

LEDs are ideal for this type of configuration, as the luminaries do not produce a lot of heat. You could have the LED headlamp on for hours without needing to turn the unit off to cool it down.

Rechargeable LED lanterns are great for standalone lighting. Individuals can easily carry the lamps around from one room to another. Furthermore, some handles can be attached on hooks, door knobs and ropes for temporary, general illumination in the home.

Rechargeable LED Light Towers

When an appliance or home system is destroyed by water or electrical surges, homeowners must make a careful assessment of the damage. In dark environments, this can be difficult to complete thoroughly.

As a solution, rechargeable LED light towers can help cast light over a wide space from a safe distance. Additionally, tall mounts, roughly 4-5 feet, may be useful for deploying lights over flooded parts of the home, such as the basement. Durable, waterproof LED light towers with caged fixtures for protection from rough contact are recommended for increased reliability during use.