When setting up LED lights at home, individuals must choose various lighting designs and styles. For permanent fixtures, one of these components is the trim. By definition, this feature blends the lamp with the surface and provides illuminative properties (depending on type of trim). This article will help you select the correct trims for led lights.

Open and Reflector Lighting Trims For Led Lights

Reflector trims for lights consist of a smooth, shiny surface. This feature helps promote illumination and should not be used with extremely powerful fixtures. Open trims are standard components that protect the unit, which may also utilize a reflector component inside. Reflector and open trims are permanently fixed and do not offer adjustable features.

Eyeball and Gimbal Lighting Trims For Led Lights

For controlling light beams, eyeball or gimbal trims are recommended. These variants are equipped with a wide tilt range, from 30 degrees to 359 degrees. Traditionally, eyeball trims came into the market before gimbal trims. The latter option arrived to offer more freedom during installation, as the light head pivots within the housing. Suitable for space-saving configurations, gimbal trims can also be adjusted. However, at some angles the beam is prone to getting cut off by the housing.

Elbow trims, which offer similar tilt ranges, are an in-between option for adjustable lighting trims. For low-profile requirements, a slotted lighting trim can be applied to the system.

Baffle Lighting Trims

Baffle trims are designed to decrease the creation of glare inside rooms, making it ideal for home offices and bedrooms. This type of trim consists of small ridges around the component, which softens the beams as they make contact with the material. Baffles are commonly applied to recessed LED lights.

Lastly, it is important to point out that to ensure a smooth transition, the color of the trim should match the color of the ceiling. Decorative configurations may incorporate combinations of colors for accent lighting systems.

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