Homeowners have a myriad of lighting options for illuminating fences, walls and perimeters. Such lamps serve important purposes, marking the boundaries of the location and providing guidance for various activities in the outdoor sections of the space. For security, fence led lighting lights up dark and isolated parts of the lot, including corners and fencing behind trees or bushes.

Wall Pack LED Lights

Wall pack LED lights are an ideal solution for perimeter lighting around homes. The permanent fixtures are versatile, allowing individuals to use them on fences or the wall of the house. As a non-intrusive lamp, the units are not bulky and offer space-saving benefits. They are also less prone to light spillage and trespass, as the beams are pointed upwards (or downwards, depending on one’s preferences).

Aesthetically, wall pack LED fixtures provide adequate background lighting for several types of activities in backyards. Low color temperature options create a soft and comfortable environment. For automated operation, it is possible to connect a day/night or motion sensor to the lights.

LED Pole Lights

Some homes do not have fences. In such situations, it would not be possible to setup wall pack lights for perimeter lighting. Instead, one may opt to install LED pole lights. The units are effective for marking large spaces.

There are numerous types of outdoor LED spotlights that can be mounted on poles. An LED spotlight or floodlight is suitable for general illumination in the area. Cut-off shields around the light head may improve beam configuration and direction. Like wall pack LED lights, the fixtures are also compatible with day/night or motion sensors.

For security applications, individuals should consider installing a compact camera at the top of the pole for monitoring the space. Supplementing the system with infrared LED lights may improve visibility during nighttime surveillance and monitoring.