In homes, kitchens facilitate a wide range of detailed tasks, such as prepping meals, viewing reading materials and DIY projects. As a result, this section of residential spaces should incorporate LED cabinet lights for illumination.

LED Cabinet Lighting Options for Kitchens

Common options for LED cabinet lights inside kitchens include the following: LED recessed lights, LED strip lights or hanging/pendant lights. For tight or low cabinet spaces, it is recommended to use low-profile fixtures that can be installed over the surface with minimal protrusion. Hanging/pendant lights are ideal for tall cabinet spaces, primarily applicable to clearing space between the top surface of the cabinet and the target area.

LED strip lights can also be installed for space-reduction benefits. However, this type of luminary tends to get really bright when used in small spaces. To avoid illuminating objects outside of the cabinet space, it would be possible to use shields to control the beams. Alternatively, you may direct the LED strip lights on the wall, so that the beams can scatter softly over the area.

Dimmers and Durability

To cater to as many types of tasks as possible, LED cabinet lights for kitchens may utilize a dimmer. This ensures illumination is well controlled and does not contribute to glare. Warm color-temperature cabinet lights are recommended for kitchens that are already equipped with bright fixtures.

Furthermore, cabinet lights with dimmers provide more options for residents. Kitchens are known for facilitating messy tasks. Hence, many homeowners like to install large, easily accessible switches. For example, a flat, white flip switch is easier to activate by tapping or nudging, compared to a circular switch knob.

Durability should be prioritized when selecting LED cabinet lights. Waterproof protection and moderate forms of corrosion resistance can help boost the lifespan of the lights when exposed to household cleaning solutions.

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