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How To Improve Lighting In Commercial Lobbies

Office lobbies leave lasting impressions on customers, clients and employees. Because of this, it is important to ensure lighting in commercial lobbies is comfortable and conducive to the activities of the business.

This article provides tips for setting up fixtures inside lobbies and other locations that serve as the first point of contact for companies.

Avoid Harsh, Stick with Friendly

Lobbies should be inviting, which can make people feel welcome. To instill a sense of comfort, it is recommended to ditch extremely bright, high-color temperature lights for sections of the space where people talk and gather, such as couches. An exception to this tip includes parts of the lobby where meetings, temp work or assessments are conducted, usually over a small table or in a separate room that is connected to the lobby. For such sections, avoid low-color temperature fixtures, since there is actual work being conducted in the area.

Using natural lighting is a non-essential, personal preference. Some businesses prefer to reduce as much light as possible in the lobby, while keeping the front desk lit up with spot lights or indoor recessed lights directly above the receiving area. If you prefer natural lighting, allow sunlight to enter through large windows and keep artificial fixtures dim during clear, sunny conditions (morning and afternoon).

Other Factors that Affect Lighting

For a thorough approach to lighting in commercial lobbies, one should check out other factors that could affect how light is allocated in the space. One of these variables is the color of the area. If the lobby is dark, like blue or dark red, more light is required to maintain illumination. Furthermore, low-color temperature fixtures emit a yellowish tone, which could undesirably mix with the color of the wall or furniture. Lastly, don’t forget that the color of furniture, ceiling and floor should also be factored into the entire setup process.…

Lighting In Commercial Lobbies
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