Lights For Home Security

LED Lights can make home security systems more effective and useful. A powerful, superior lighting system is considered to be the first line of defense, when it comes to keeping the area safe and protected – as intruders are not fond of illuminated locations.

Elevated Lighting Systems

As an integral component of home security systems, luminaries should be capable of illuminating as much of the target area as possible. To achieve wide-area lighting, individuals could install LED lamps in elevated positions, such as poles, ceilings, walls and corners. Such positions allow light beams to spread over the entire location. Furthermore, because the units are inaccessible, tampering is greatly minimized during an intrusion.

LED floodlights are the perfect lights for home security, since they can cover wide spaces easily. LED spotlights, with narrow light beams, are ideal for targeting far objects. Additionally, homeowners could install motion detectors with the luminaries for real-time monitoring. Sensors are mostly applicable to outdoor spaces, such as garages, backyards and accessible doorways.

Infrared LEDs for Discreet Monitoring

During nighttime observation, infrared LEDs are suitable for supporting security cameras. Note that the effectiveness of infrared LEDs largely depends on the infrared sensitivity range of the monitoring device. For mainstream cameras, infrared beams measuring 850 nm are normally used; while military equipment may utilize 940 nm. Infrared LED lights are often included in the design of the camera. They are usually found grouped tightly together (as transparent diodes) around the lens of the device.

Although infrared beams are considered to be non-visible, the light sources are still slightly detectable – especially for infrared wavelengths in the lower ranges. For instance, some infrared LEDs emit an orange, reddish glow, which could give away its position inside a home. This issue is more prevalent in infrared wavelengths that are close to the visible light spectrum.