Flood lights might not be anything new, but LEV LED spotlights are – only having gained significant traction on the exteriors of warehouses and commercial entities over the last few years. The bottom line is, outdoor LED flood lights have become a popular alternative to incandescent flood lamps for the same reason that the 40 watt incandescent light bulb is being replaced by LEDs in the home – for every one of the technological benefits which may have become realized.

Knowing that, here’s a check out 5 tips for the functional installing your outdoor LED flood light…

Power Before Installing Outdoor LED Overflow Lights

We kick things off with a tip that lots of DIY’ers – be it in the home or commercial setting up – fail at, and that’s connecting the power only after they’ve installed the overflow light. It should continually be the other way around – hook up the energy before you install it.

The reason for this rule is simple. Consider it:

  • If you connect the power after you set up the light, you might realize you incorrectly situated the light and it’s not performing you wanted. You may even recognize that you’ve wired the lighting incorrectly.

Proper Placement of the Lights

Generally speaking, the placements where outdoor LED spotlights can do the best job are in the edges of the building and near the roof. Installing too near the ground, although it will translate to an easier installation, won’t give a wide portion of coverage for the facility. Corners, on the other side, tend to be a favorite lurking location for wrongdoers, basically because these areas are usually left darkened.

Know Your Limitations – Ask for Help When it’s needed

In lots of commercial applications, LED spotlights installation may well not be for a person who fears heights. That’s because quite often a ladder is necessary to complete install (although when you can gain roof access and can adequately install it that way, that is a practical option too).

Generally in most circumstances, a typical ladder will not be enough to complete the job – your best bet is probable an expansion ladder with the capability to lengthen up to 20 feet or so, with regards to the size of the building.

Know Your Electrical Current

LEDs have a low energy pull, so issues with the circuit breaker aren’t an enormous issue when it comes to outdoor flood light set up. What may be a concern, however, is if you have more than one flood light and are trying to hook up multiple incandescent and LED ones collectively. So why is this such an issue?

Because incandescent light bulbs draw more ability than LEDs, so there’s the potential for the power get to essentially overload and demolish any LED spotlights lighting. So ensure that incandescents and LEDs are run out of separate outlet stores.

Safety First – Test Before Sealing

Before you finalize the task and caulk the area between the wall and the flood light mount, it is important to test all operation of the overflow light to ensure other features, such as motion detection, are working properly.

Once you finalize assembly, it’s far more difficult to make any changes or alterations to the electric powered wiring. Just like we talked about in tip No. 1, you want to preview the final product before you finalize anything.

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